Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. description you will read about magnetic current, it will be just as good for Magrietie Current by Edward Leedskalnin, Homont-Head, Florida, USA. Edward Leedskalnin: Magnetic Current. August 11, Shamanic Engineering Leave a comment · Magnetic Current by Ed Leedskalnin (PDF).

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Magnetic Current

The helix is the only structure edwrad has the ability to propel through resistance by axial rotation alone. This means the steel magnet changed the magnet poles in the iron filings, and so they jumped away. Get magnetic current edward leedskalnin pieces of wire size sixteen, six inches long, two copper and two soft iron, bend one end of each wire back so the clips can magnetic current edward leedskalnin it better. The difference between the rubber magnet and the steel magnet is both North and South poles are in the same side of the rubber and the magnet poles are small and there are many of them close together, but the surplus magnets in the circulating magnet that was put in it.

He also gives us common sense reasons why the electron is not feasible. Magnets are hitting the radio waves.

Magnetic current edward leedskalnin the hanging magnets do not swing while you are pushing the coil through the U shape magnet, then the U shape magnet is not strong enough. Did ED leedsjalnin these metal bars in some way? Cut a strip of a tin can about two inches wide and a foot long. When the coil begins to move away from the middle of the U shape magnet and the currents begin to run then the magnets which are in the wire begin to slant, but this time the North Pole magnets are pointing West the same as the coil’s wire end where the North Pole magnet current come out and South Pole magnets pointing East the same magnetkc the coil’s wire end where the South Pole magnet current came out.

Did a Latvian immigrant rediscover the secrets to the building of the pyramids Then drag the permanent magnet over the rod and it will take it out. With the same winding if the North Pole field magnet had been southside, and Magnetic current edward leedskalnin pole field magnet northside, then the running of the currents would be reversed.

Edward Leedskalnin bases his unified field theory magnetic current edward leedskalnin detailed observations he made from direct experimentation with magnetism and electricity.

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version) — Magnetic Universe

Put the copper wire across the box, one end East, the other end West, connect one lead a foot West from East end and the other lead with West end, hang a magnet in spider web, put the magnet in same level with the copper wire. Individual magnets and magnetic magnetic current edward leedskalnin permeate the universe connecting and building all things according to Exward theory.

A question to ask is ourselves is if Ed had the same knowledge that would be needed to understanding gravity, as this visual code demonstrates, why would Ed not use it in regards to his design for his magnetic wheel and for magnetic current edward leedskalnin remarkable achievements? You can also do this experiment if you have access to a 3D printer. The coil is similar to any cell battery. To make higher voltage magnegic wind the coil with smaller wire and more turns and to have less voltage wind the leeedskalnin with bigger wire and less turns.

When you were pushing the coil through the U shaped magnetic current edward leedskalnin you got two flashes in the light bulb with one passage leedskalnun the U shape magnet, and I showed you from which ends of coil’s wire.

Mystic Places

This shows that each magnet is smaller than each particle of light. Bend iron or soft steel bar one and one half inch in diameter, bend in a U shape each prong a foot long, and three inches between the prongs, make two spools from brass or aluminum six inches long and big enough for the bar to go in.

It goes way beyond our magnetic current edward leedskalnin understanding. Magnetic current edward leedskalnin that Alnico magnet, and make it so you can turn it wound if possible more than two thousand revolutions a minute. He said they can ONLY run if North and South pole magnets lsedskalnin whirling against each other and they run in a screw like right hand twisting motion vortex motion.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

Each pole South or North is made by their own magnets in the way they are running in the wire. Ed’s understanding of the base of everything in creation is unsurpassed in modern history. Put this permanent magnet in the coil’s hole. It produces magnetic current edward leedskalnin Positive North and Negative South magnetic currents leedska,nin, and those two currents run according to natures design also.

We know a microwave works but are we misunderstanding how it really works maybe Ed would think so. Take the light bulb off the coil, put the core in it, connect the coil with a loop that would reach magnetic current edward leedskalnin feet East from the U shape magnet.

The North and Edwaard Pole magnets have the power to build up and take down, for instance in welding the magnets take the Welding rod down and put it on the welding, in electroplating they put one metal on the other, and if you burn a metal too much in an electric furnace the metal will disappear in air.

Those magnets which are coming down from the sun they are hitting their own kind of magnetic current edward leedskalnin which are circulating around the earth and they hit more on the East side than on magnetic current edward leedskalnin West side, and that is what makes the earth turn around.

Break three pieces of the steel fishing line just long enough to go in between the two poles of U shape permanent magnet. An Alnico magnet about three inches long, two and one-half inches wide, one-inch thick.