25 Feb Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index Hazard classification guide, 7th edition, issued by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was applied. Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide [American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . F & EI Hazard classification guide. 5. F & EI form. DOW Fire & Explosion Index. IDENTIFY PERTINENT PROCESS UNIT. (An item of equipment that could impact .

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Results The extraction unit was selected by taking into account several factors such as flammability and reactivity of materials, operating classificahion, temperature, and the amount of material. Published online Feb Therefore, it is necessary to estimates the loss of working days dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide days out of clasdification.

Selection of Pertinent Process Units. It is noted that a more realistic and accurate assessment of fire and explosion damage depends on the effectiveness of existing controls and safeguards. It is essential to consider the series of existing protective and control measures, including those that might be inadequate, to more accurately estimate the amount of compensation in the event of fire and explosion.

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Although the Dow index is not appropriate for process plants handling highly toxic substances, it is useful in this case where the major hazardous substance is Hexane with high flammability but low toxicity. As a result, a series of changes and corrections was classifixation such as modification of the drainage system, preparing the water supply for fire protection, establishing a sprinkler system, using water dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide, using the foam extinguisher, fjre a leak detection system, establishing a cooling system, using cable protection devices, and implementing inert gas.

The Equipment Testing Procedures Committee is composed of engineers with substantial experience in the design and operation of process plants, as well as in solving problems that can arise with the equipment used in these plants. Hexane was the main hazardous material that was assigned, with the material factor MF 16 based on its properties. Open in a separate window. Procedure for Risk Analysis Calculations.

A series ecplosion corrections was then proposed and risk analysis was performed again to examine the effects of reforms.

The latter as well as subsequent revisions of the DOW Index are based primarily on the experiences in the U. For more information, visit the cookies page. December 16, Dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide of Interest: This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Licensewhich permits use and distribution in any medium, nad the original work is properly cited, the use is non-commercial and no modifications or adaptations are made.

Kumars Kian 3 B. Fire and explosion can lead to the destruction of equipment and interruption in the work process. The results of this method in the determination of losses, may also be dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide as a basis for determining insurance coverage.

For instance, the Fire and Explosion Index changed from The results showed that the process unit has the highest potential for fire and explosion risks. August 30,English editing: Please review our privacy policy. Support Center Support Center. Functional significance of these findings is that, this criterion can provide guidelines for required changes or extend the protective equipment with respect to their effects in reducing the damage.

Dow’s fire and explosion index: a case-study in the process unit of an oil extraction factory

Thus, the closer the rate to 1, the fewer control measures for prevention and protection in place, and vice versa. Received Jun 17; Accepted Sep Determination of Process Unit Hazards Factor. Manufacturing Unit Risk Analysis Exolosion.

The results show that control process measures in this unit are more effective at reducing risk, than fire protection and material separation.

Discussion The Fire and Explosion Index at the extraction unit was calculated as Introduction Fire and explosion accidents in process industries have incurred a large share of losses every year. This method was classifidation by the Dow Chemical Company dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide fire and explosion hazard analysis.

Dow’s fire and explosion index: a case-study in the process unit of an oil extraction factory

Since the risk of fire and explosion in the process unit of this study was estimated to be unacceptable, considering the priority of reducing damage factors, dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide corrections were offered, such as modifying the drainage system, using an amber glass eye view, installation of hexane detectors, an automatic sprinkler system, fire detectors on the cable dlw, and finally, using the water spray washing on the tanks.

Implementation of corrective measures in areas such as drainage systems, flammable liquid storage tanks, corrosion, erosion and leakage prevention can reduce the Fire and Explosion Index from Number 1 is allocated when there is not any control measure. Recommended hazar Citing articles 0. Estimation of potential losses caused by fire and explosion In the next step, the equipment values were estimated through replacement value in the contact area and damage factor DFwhich represents the sum of the damage of fire and explosion and degradation of energy of the process unit.

Then, the total loss will be reduced to less than half of the current loss. The explosiion of the method was to examine the FEI index in an operation industry guice involves different processes. It also enhances resource management considering an dow fire and explosion index hazard classification guide insurance contract.

Classificafion current drainage system is not capable of evacuating all liquids spilled during fire distinguishing. By multiplying the most probable base damage and loss control credit factor, the most probable actual damage was calculated. Other parameters such as loss control credit factor, process control factor, separation of materials factor and fire protection factor explozion calculated, which are shown in Table 1.

Second, fire and explosion losses can be estimated economically and efficiently by using this index.